Ruku Bars

Ruku Bars

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RUKU BARS are a delicious, high protein treat for your dog made from air-dried & grass-finished proteins — an excellent source of minerals, iron, zinc, and other essential nutrients to provide a clean canine fuel source. Suitable for dogs with food allergies and loved by picky eaters!

Ryoken Instinct never subjects their treats to high heat treatment. They are hand-crafted and gently air-dried in a special dehydrator, retaining all the benefits of the ingredients. 100% Natural, Raw, Grain & Gluten Free! Does not contain any refined sugar, salt, oil or artificial flavors of any kind.


Beef Bars:

Dehydrated Organic Grass-finished Antibiotic and Hormone Free Beef, Beef Liver, Organic Pumpkin and Rosemary 

Seafood Bars:

Dehydrated Atlantic Salmon, Norwegian Mackerel, Rockfish, Codfish, New Zealand green lipped Mussels, and Organic Blueberries

Lamb Bars:

Dehydrated Organic Grass-finished Antibiotic and Hormone Free Lamb, Lamb Liver, Organic Fuji Apples and Rosemary

Pork Bars:

Pasture raised pork loin, pork heart, pork liver, organic Shiitake, organic Maitaki, organic Reishi, organic Lion’s Mane, organic Turkey Tail, organic King Trumpet and Rosemary

For a full list of nutritional facts please visit the Ryoken Instinct website: