Liven Up Functional Topper

This functional topper is a unique blend crafted from nutritious whole foods that support the musculoskeletal system (aka the joints) and the health of the gut. This blend is a nutritious whole food addition to any diet, especially designed to support dogs and cats with ageing joints and digestive challenges, who need a little energy boost. * Spleen is extremely rich in iron for circulatory system health * Bone broth contains amino acids that promote integrity of the gut lining * Bone powder provides essential minerals that support the musculoskeletal system * Collagen supports the health of the joints and digestive system * Cordyceps mushrooms and peppermint are known for their energy boosting properties * Lecithin is rich in choline that supports the nervous system This topper is a fantastic extra for dogs and cats of all ages; from puppies and kittens to those getting a bit long in the tooth and in need of some help limbering up.