The Ultimate, Versatile 4-in-1 Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

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Slow Feeding. Perfected. The Super Feedy Slow Feeder Bowl is a premium Australian brand, vet-endorsed, innovative solution for your customers. Key Features: - Innovative Design: Unique meal-lengthening puzzle pattern for an enhanced eating experience. - Double the Enrichment: Reversible lick mat offers two unique patterns for double the fun. - Health Benefits: Slows down eating pace, reducing the risk of indigestion and dog bloat. - Versatile: Perfect for all diets and dog food recipes. - Stay-Put Suction Base: Super-strong suction cup base keeps the bowl securely in place. - Generous Capacity: 10-cup capacity, ideal for medium and large-sized breeds. - Safe Materials: Made from food-safe silicone and recyclable plastic materials. - Handy Food Prep: Doubles as a dog food container for on-the-go adventures. - Travel-Friendly: Reversible lick mat doubles as a lid for food prep/storage and a travel bowl. Give your customers better with Super Feedy. Visit