Irish Kelp for Pets | A Powerful Blend of Brown Seaweeds: Cardboard Tub / 150 grams

Irish Kelp for Pets is a blend of three Irish Kelps. Taken from the fucacae and laminariacae families of brown seaweeds, this blend provides the benefits of three Kelps! Irish Kelp for Pets contains bioavailable vitamins, minerals and trace elements, can help improve skin and coat condition and is a natural source of Fucoidan and Fucoxanthin. Sustainably harvested off the West coast of Ireland, the seaweeds in this blend are dried at low temperatures using a dehumidifier room. After being dried they are milled so as they can easily be mixed through your pets feed. This blend provides the following into a dogs diet: Antioxidant properties. Boosts skin and coat condition. Helps maintain glucose levels. Supports a healthy immune system. 100% Irish this Kelp blend is formulated by marine scientists that have worked for 30 years with seaweeds. Irish Kelp for Pets provides all the benefits of Kelp in one serving!