About Us


I started Lonestar Treats because feeding all-natural and high-quality food to my pets is my passion.

I, Halle, have recently graduated college from the University of Texas ​at San Antonio with a degree in Business Marketing. I formerly owned a pet-sitting company through high-school and college but after college, I decided I needed a change of pace and moved to Scottsdale, AZ.


I started becoming more interested in pet nutrition when I got my hairless cat Chance. I wanted to feed him the highest quality food I could find and after much research, I knew raw feeding would be the most beneficial as cats are obligate carnivores. 

After observing all the benefits of raw feeding for my cat Chance, I knew I would be raw feeding all of my future pets. Now I have a Mini Australian Shepherd name Whiskey and he has also benefited greatly from a raw fed diet. Him and Chance are my world and anything that I put into their bodies is super important to me. Therefore, knowing what kind of food they are eating and that it is of the same quality as the food I am eating is my top priority for them and my clients. 

With many options for feeding your pets all- natural treats, I am grateful for you choosing my small-business as a source for your pets treats! I will do my best to continue to source awesome and exciting treats that you pets are sure to love!