Lord Jameson Treats


Organic, small batch dog treats made that are gluten free, GMO free and no preservatives.


Everyday Calm: Rich notes of calming chamomile, nutrient rich coconut, gluten-free oats along with hand-selected superfoods including plant-based proteins like roasted peanut butter, along with honey and dates.


Golden Health: lovingly crafted with the ancient turmeric plant, which is known to relieve inflammation and support joint health. Layered with hand-selected superfoods including fragrant coconut and flax seeds to add nutritional values to the treat. Also contains honey, peanut butter, and dates.


Daily Greens: our version of Green Juice for dogs! Loaded with antioxidants, Vitamins A & C and minerals like calcium, potassium, iron, zinc and magnesium. Daily Greens is an excellent way to include greens in your dog’s diet.This power pact treat is layered with dandelion, spinach, and ginger along with fragrant coconut and chia seeds, dates, honey and peanut butter.


Celebration Bash: Whether it is your dog's Birthday, Gotcha Day, or just something to cheers, Celebration Bash will treat your dog to bursts of vibrant colors and festive flavors. These artistically tasteful color creations are brought to life by organic, plant-based colored coconut shreds and hand-selected superfoods including gluten-free rolled oats and roasted peanuts, brown rice syrup, dates, turmeric, beets, and spinach.