Ox Spleen Meal Topper

by Norm
NORM'S ox spleen is a freeze-dried, single ingredient powder, perfect for adding to kibble, raw meals, Likimats, Kongs, freakshakes or homemade dog treats. The spleen is a secreting organ that’s extremely nutritious but not so easily sourced fresh. Some of the nutritional benefits of ox spleen include: 🥩 Very rich in heme iron 🖤 Vitamin B12 and selenium 👾 Source of alkylglycerols Alkylglycerols are an anti-cancer agent that support the immune system. They’re also found in shark liver, which has been used in folk medicine for eons, and are thought to be the reason sharks very rarely suffer from cancer 🦈 NORM's ox spleen is raw, human grade and Australian. F