12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar


Treat your pup and kitties to the most beautiful pet treat advent calendar you've ever seen this holiday season, filled with your pet’s favorite single-ingredient treats! 


Behind each window is a delicious single-ingredient treat, making the countdown to Christmas full of happy moments of anticipation and fun for you and your pets! Perfect for your own family or a great gift, you'll love this advent calendar for your pets so much that you might be a little sad when Christmas Day arrives and the countdown is over.

Treats included based on days on the calendar:

  1. Chicken Bites
  2. Rabbit Bites
  3. Lamb Liver
  4. Beef Lung
  5. Beef Tripe
  6. Chicken Heart
  7. Bison Liver Bites
  8. Wild Salmon Bites
  9. Beef Liver 
  10. Duck Heart
  11. Pork Liver
  12. Duck Bites



We recommend storing in the cool dry place.