Puppington Pupper Towels Dog Swedish Dishcloths Holidays

Pupper Towels Swedish style all-purpose dishcloth for pets & their people are ideal for kitchen cleaning, pet & human kid messes, wiping down muddy dogs, mopping up water bowl spills & picking up pet hair in seconds! 12 Holiday Pupper Towels Gift Set features a dozen doggie delights! 12 dog-themed holiday designs for year-round smiles and a happy dog-loving home. Celebrate Halloween Pupkins Thanksgiving Winter Woofs Christmas (Reindogs, Santa Paws, Candy Canines) Festival of Lights Pawties New Year Valentine's Day Memorial Day Independence Day Labor Day. If you're a dog parent, then you know that accidents - and pawprints - happen. Get ready for faster and easier cleanups with this all-in-one solution.