Seaweed Blend, 6 oz glass jar


The number one primary supplement that we highly recommend, at a minimum, for every home-prepared fresh food diet menu. Seaweed Blend is an outstanding wholefood source of important minerals and nutrients that may be lacking in a home-prepared fresh food diet and in our modern food supply; promotes healthy skin/nails, supports healthy muscles and tendons, improves coat pigmentation, and helps to maintain well-functioning endocrine and immune systems. Unique blend of the world's finest quality organic seaweeds. Third-party tested for contaminants, bacteria, heavy metals, and nutrient quality. Enhance your pet's home-prepared meals with needed iodine, minerals, and vitamins that support endocrine health, the immune system, enhance coat pigmentation, aids with tissue repair, balances metabolism, fights cancer, detoxifies the bowels, and more!

Daily Dose DOGS: 1/4 tsp (small); 1/2 tsp (medium), 1 tsp (large); 1.5 tsp (giant)

CATS: 1/8 tsp.