Starter's Blend: Stomach Soothing Detox Herbs, 500CC glass jar

Formulated specifically for switching to a new diet, for periods of GI upset, or periodic cleansing/detoxification. Ease into raw feeding with this 100% organic, hand-crafted, traditionally prepared, nutritious, tasty herbal blend. Complements any diet. Starter's Blend is excellent to feed animals transitioning to a healthier, fresh foods diet. May also be used during episodes of acute digestive upset or for periodic cleansing. It is a source of supportive naturally occurring vitamins and minerals that soothes the digestive tract and gently detoxifies the body. Keep it in your pantry to use once a month for a safe, gentle, yet powerful, periodic detoxification or "gut reset" fast, or use whenever you need it use it during the transition to a new food, to support your animal's system. Crafted by hand in small batches using only the highest quality, certified organic or wild-harvested herbs. USE: Feed 5-days/wk or 3 wks-on/1-wk off. Add 1 Tbs. to each pound of fresh food.