Uber Natural Shampoo - Organic Herbs, Bison Tallow & Hydroso

The Purist's Choice! Pamper your pets with pure, 100% organic, truly 100% natural, exceedingly gentle grooming by SFRAW. * Hand-crafted in small batches, we use only very high quality, certified organic, wild-harvested and/or 100% natural human-grade ingredients. * An Organic Herbal, Pasture-Raised/Grass-Finished Bison Tallow based liquid shampoo made with Organic Rose Hydrosol & Organic Aloe Vera. * Gentle enough to use every day, this low sudsing shampoo is both conditioning and healing; this is a nourishing "Hair Food". * Essential Oil Free version is feline friendly. Safe for use on both dogs and cats of all ages. * Formulated especially for individuals with skin conditions or who are sensitive to chemicals or impure additives.